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The AtomJump Foundation is a non-profit organization, which publishes free and open source software to allow messaging communications over the web. The Foundation provides the ability to freely download this software in various forms e.g. an Appliance, or as server software, and it also offers a free hosted version on publicly open forums.

AtomJump Messaging Live Wikis are one hosted option that the Foundation provides, where we maintain the physical servers (currently located in New Zealand), and paying customers rent a space on these servers to host a group of messaging forums for their own private group conversations. Any income we earn from this rental relationship is fed back into the infrastructure for this service, i.e. the server hardware, power, network bandwidth, and essential Foundation staff salaries. There are no shareholders in the Foundation, and therefore no individuals who are financially motivated (at least, over-and-above their industry-standard salary).

House Rules

It is important to note that the Foundation offers this service as an option, only. It is a privilege to use this service, not a right, and as such we have some basic house rules, much in the same way that a landlord interacts with a tenant:

  • Like any responsible landlord, we are happy to offer this service for positive purposes, e.g. work communications, family matters, hobbies.
  • However, our space is not intended for negative purposes e.g. violence, hate discussions, bullying, politically charged topics, pornography, crime or terrorism.

We may extend or fine-tune these categories at any stage.

Staff Access to Content

Generally speaking, we wish to give you as much privacy as possible within your Live Wiki, however, like any landlord, we don’t want to see our tenant abusing our servers.

We therefore keep a ‘spare key’ to your property (i.e. the password), and selected staff within our organization have a right to use this key when appropriate. However, like a good landlord, we won’t call on this spare key without giving you some prior warning, or if there is a solid legal reason to do so. For example, if we’ve been handed a court order to investigate your communications.

But, to ensure that you are not misusing our service, we may carry out some spot checks, after the first:

  • 1 week
  • 2 months
  • 12 months

1 week prior to each spot check, we will give you a reminder of the upcoming check by email. On the day of the spot check, one of our staff will then open the forum, and do a visual check on the messages. If there are any serious issues with the content, we reserve the right to reset the Live Wiki password at this point, and lock you out of the Live Wiki. Note: We would then remove any future payment requests.

If you wish to complain about these actions, you can make a complaint to the Foundation. If you have a borderline case, the Foundation members can be requested to vote on your case. The Foundation members have a varied background and represent a broad cross-section of the global population. Many of them are volunteers, and not directly tied into a salary with the organization. If you still have unresolved issues, you can also apply to an independent New Zealand Government’s telecommunications watchdog.


We make our best efforts to keep your content and password away from outside intruders, but there is always a chance that your private information could be intercepted. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

If you wish to have a high level of privacy, we would suggest that you download and host AtomJump software on your own server, and keep all communications within your own network. While our messaging software does not have a “back-door” into Government communications systems, organizations such as Five Eyes track communications information over public internet routers, and therefore your information could potentially be intercepted. We use encryption between your browser and our Private Room servers, and this offers a fairly strong level of protection, but this is not a perfect guarantee of privacy.

Financial Terms

Item Specification
Trial Period All orders have a 7 day free-trial period to ensure you are completely satisfied with the service.
Cancellation The service can be cancelled at any time, without additional fees.
Timeframe You can expect up to one working day (Monday to Friday) before your basic order is handled.
Renewal This is done monthly, automatically, via our payment processor
Refunds If you are unhappy with the service please let us know and, on agreement, we will refund the current monthly fee. If not, you can also follow these NZ Government suggestions to raise an ISP complaint.
Addons We may need to question you via email to assist with configuration.
Low-end monthly services (< NZ$5 / month) are paid for annually.

Late Payments

We are sympathetic with late payments if you can communicate a reason to us, prior to the due date of any unpaid invoices. However, if you cannot communicate this to us, or you are not responding to emails, we reserve the right to cancel your service and change the password of your Live Wiki.